Monarchy Month

Royal fever takes reign this December with The Monarchy: A Major Royal Event.

Royal families all over the world have always intrigued the common folk for their lavish lifestyles, strict rules of etiquette, enormous castles, elite sports, gorgeous babies, and outrageous scandals.

From December 1 both new and returning Royal programming will feature on HISTORY to celebrate the Monarchy and take a closer look at both historical and modern day British Royal family.


The Queen’s Cavalry
The Life Guards and the Blues and Royals are the Queen’s traditional bodyguards. One week they could be on horseback, escorting the Sovereign down the Mall, the next patrolling downtown Basra in their tanks.

This series is a fascinating insight behind the scenes of the regiment’s ceremonial  and military duty as well as an insight into its 350 year history.  It’s an extraordinary mix of men, animals and weaponry, combined in one unique regiment.

In the centre of London, only 100 yards from Harrods, nearly 250 horses spend their lives serving the Queen.  Knightsbridge barracks is a constant hive of ceremonial activity.  We follow the stories behind this year’s ceremonial season of eight major parades.  The foreground scenes of parades may be familiar, but for the first time viewers will see in depth the effort, humour, anguish and hard work that goes into staging them. History, tradition and royalty form just part of the human and equine stories behind the ‘Queen’s Cavalry’.

95% of all Household Cavalry Troopers have never ridden before they joined the regiment. We follow one ride of rookies through riding school. Arguably this is the army’s toughest course. It’s certainly the school of hard knocks as these 18 year-olds learn to ride and fall off from scratch.  In only 16 weeks they are transformed from ‘sacks of spuds’ into accomplished troopers riding in full state kit – jackboots, plumed helmet and sword.

This series uses the men of the Household cavalry to tell their own stories of war and ceremony. Illuminating, candid, dramatic and often very funny, it’s a fast moving series the like of which has never been seen before on mainstream television.



Wallis and Edward
In 1936, Edward VIII abdicated in order to marry the woman he loved, Wallis Simpson, a twice-divorced American. These events caused a scandal around the world.



Wallis Simpson: Secret Letters
This explosive film examines recently discovered letters written by Wallis Simpson that reveal her secret love, and chart her fear as she found herself becoming trapped into marrying Edward VIII.



Guarding the Queen
They are arguably the most recognizable soldiers in the world – the face of British Royal ceremony – resplendent in bearskins and scarlet tunics. They are the changing guard at  Buckingham Palace and are a frontline infantry unit doing active service in Afghanistan and Iraq…The Grenadier Guards – comprising the Nijemegen Company and the 1st Battalion –  are the most senior infantry regiment in  the British Army, named in honour of their defeat of the Grenadiers of The French Imperial Guard at  the Battle of Waterloo in 1815 – and this year they celebrate their 350th Anniversary. Here we see first hand, what life is really like for these celebrated soldiers.

While the Nijmegen Company are based at Wellington Barracks in London, guarding the Queen and the Crown Jewels, the 1st Battalion is based in Aldershot, ready for military action as an infantry regiment.



Elizabeth I and Her Enemies
Actress and supermodel Lily Cole plays Elizabeth I throughout her reign, from young princess to mature queen. Dr Suzannah Lipscomb and Dan Jones, both young, dynamic historians, tell a heady tale of jealousy, treachery, ambition and tragedy alongside the lavish dramatisations that transport audiences back to the key clashes that shaped Elizabeth and England. Starting from the day she was born, until the day she died, Elizabeth was surrounded by enemies who threatened her crown and her life. From her sister Mary Tudor to her thwarted lover, King Philip of Spain, Elizabeth’s struggles, animosities and assassination attempts are analysed in detail.



Tales of the Royal Bedchamber
Lucy Worsley reveals that our obsession with royal bedrooms, births and succession is nothing new, in fact, the rise and fall of their magnificent beds reflects the changing fortunes of the monarchy itself.



Crowning a Queen
A unique look at the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II at Westminster Abbey in London. BBC archive and personal archive combine in the most dazzling of Royal events – the first and greatest ever to be televised.



The Secret Photos of the Duke and Duchess
With new insight into the romance between the King and ‘the divorcee’, this program reveals for the first time, photographs taken by Edward himself, telling the tale of a love story which has been considered one of history’s most romantic.



Our Queen at Ninety ( Not screening in NZ)
Marking the Queen’s 90th birthday, look back on her incredible 63 year rule, and gain fresh insights into the monarch’s life and work; a remarkable story of an extraordinary life which in so many ways reflects the changing face of a nation.



Inside Buckingham Palace
Buckingham Palace is one of the most famous buildings in the world, a symbol of Britain and an arena for national celebration. Its three distinct and crucial roles make it unique. It is a family home, the office of the Queen as Head of State and the country’s glitziest stage for pomp and ceremony. But the 700-room Palace is a closed and secretive place, a world of its own.

With the help of former Palace staff like Ron Allison and Dickie Arbiter, royal confidantes like Richard Kay and celebrities like Brian May and Tony Robinson, Inside Buckingham Palace reveals what life is like behind its imposing walls, exploring the scandals, tragedies and triumphs that have made the place what it is today.

The building has only been a Royal Palace for well under 200 years. And it was only in 1901 that Edward VII drew up plans to turn it into a grand regal stage. The plan worked and as Elizabeth celebrated her Diamond Jubilee, the Palace took centre stage in as huge a show as it had ever seen.

But the Palace needs extensive renovation and change is inevitable. What might the future hold for this symbol of everything British?



The Queen’s Mother-in-Law
We all know about the late Queen Mum – one of Britain’s most instantly recognisable figures. But few have even heard of the Queen’s mother-in-law, Princess Alice. And yet, the life story of Prince Philip’s mother almost defies belief.



Royal Britain: An Aerial History
The Kings and Queens, Princes and Princesses, Royal Dukes and Duchesses, along with countless illegitimate children have all played a part in shaping Royal Britain.

Royal Britain tells the story of the monarchy through the places that bore witness to murder, romance, politics, imprisonment, tragedy, execution and celebration. In the landscape, battles were fought for the crown and dynasties changed. For centuries Wales and Scotland fought its larger neighbour England until eventually the Britain we know today was formed. The castles, palaces and houses where these historic events took place still exist to connect the thread of Royalty from the Norman invasion in 1066 up to the present House Of Windsor.

Beautifully filmed from the air, Royal Britain is a unique look at the history of the monarchy that will inform and entertain.



Princess Diana: Conspiracy Theories
Since the tragic death of Princess Diana in 1997, it has been claimed that there was an orchestrated criminal conspiracy to end the life of Diana, Princess of Wales. But could the British Royal family really be behind the murder of a lady who became an international icon? As Diana was thrust into the Monarch and the public spotlight, she helped change the public perception of the Royal family. She often struggled with a turbulent private life, which was made public to the world. We take an in depth look into the life and death of Lady Diana. With interviews and exclusive footage we delve into the conspiracy that has left the world wanting answers for years. This is Princess Diana…Conspiracy Theories.