Penelope Keith’s Hidden Villages – Series 2

In this fascinating new series, renowned actress Dame Penelope Keith travels through Britain’s charming villages to uncover what makes these places so unique and special.

Armed with her beloved vintage ‘Batsford’ travel books, Penelope explores the rich artistic, literary and royal histories of each region, discovers how time has changed village communities, and seeks out quirky local traditions which continue to this day.

From county shows and village fairs to fertility dances and ancient ceremonial gatherings, she seeks out the community heartbeat of each village. She meets remarkable characters and joins in with everything from dangerous carriage driving events to vegetable gala competitions along the way, showing how even the horn dancers, cheese rollers and tree kissers of this world benefit from the continuance of these traditions.

Her journey takes her to some of the most picturesque and hidden landscapes in the country, spanning the stunning location of Steven Spielberg’s War Horse, Castle Combe, and the site of the original English Country Garden, through a village that hasn’t changed in a century, and even to the Queen’s own vegetable patch at Balmoral.

Join Penelope on her mission to find out why we love villages so much; what’s disappeared, changed and stayed the same – and what’s the secret to their longevity?