Secret Cities – E1 Sneak Peek

London, Rome and Paris… Three cities, three stories, one mystery: their constructions. Known as the world’s best megastructures, these buildings hold secrets which, until now have been kept hidden from view. From covert Nazi resistance meetings deep in the underground tunnels of London, to understanding the secrets behind the construction of Christianity’s holiest of places.

Using CGI, archive and reconstructions, this series reveals parts of history you never knew existed.

Secret Cities

Season 1
Date & time
3: St Peter's Basilica
3: St Peter's Basilica
Mon 22 April·7:30pm
Tue 23 April·4:00am
Tue 23 April·11:30am
Sun 28 April·7:30pm
Mon 29 April·4:00am
Mon 29 April·9:30am