The Hunt For The Zodiac Killer – Sneak Peek

It’s one of the most complex codes in history, which experts say rivals the Rosetta Stone and Enigma in its sheer brilliance. Its author, to this day, is unknown. He’s called Zodiac – America’s most vicious serial killer who terrorized San Francisco in the late 1960’s. Zodiac killed five men and women, and then left bizarre ciphers as breadcrumbs. Although studied by the most advanced criminal justice experts of the time, only 25% of his ciphers were ever decoded. Now, Sal LaBarbera – the most successful homicide detective in LAPD history (over 6,000 cases solved) will work with a crack codebreaking team and former and current FBI investigators to hunt down Zodiac. The key: a ground-breaking new investigative technique called a Double Helix Investigation. Working with UCLA master codebreaker Kevin Knight, they’ll take a novel approach to catching Zodiac – break the man, you’ll break the code. The more new evidence Sal and his partner Ken Mains uncover, they’ll feed it to Kevin, who has created a new codebreaking system called Carmel. Carmel will use this new information about Zodiac’s identity – his movements, his behaviour, and tactics, to detect new patterns in the Zodiac codes – which will then be fed back to Sal and Ken in the field.