The Kennedy Files Episodes

Through four generations of Kennedy’s and featuring a wide range of interviews (from political analyst Lawrence O’Donnell to JFK Jr’s friends to Ron Galella, America’s most notorious paparazzo) we see great triumphs, but also layers of human frailty, folly, and, most certainly, tragedy.

Episode 1

The Curse

Unusual accidents, untimely deaths – why do so many tragedies afflict one family?  The Kennedys willingness to risk everything and live by their own rules leads the family to the heights of the American Dream. Yet what goes up, must come down. Is it a Curse?  Or does the very risk-taking that makes them billionaires and Presidents – also steer the family toward danger?


Episode 2

The Brothers

They are the ultimate Alpha Males, the very symbols of confidence and charm.  But behind the clean-cut images reside complex psychological dimensions fueled by war and personal rivalries and the quest for power.  Who are the men behind the tans and smiles?  Who are the real Kennedy Brothers? The construction of the Kennedy Political Dynasty may begin with Joe’s money – but the fuel is an intense competition between brothers, who must overcome their own shortcomings to create America’s most powerful political machine.


Episode 3

Jack and Jackie

Before Jay-Z & Beyonce or Bill & Hillary or Brangelina, there’s Jack and Jackie, the original ‘power couple.’  Together they conquer the world, even as their private marriage is rocked by infidelity, heart-break, and power plays.  And when it suddenly ends, the hardest question remains: is it a love story? A photographer by nature Jackie Kennedy is a pioneer of ‘Image’ as a tool for power and influence. Yet her obsession with appearance traps her in a deeply-troubled marriage – from which there appears no way out.


Episode 4

White House Cover-Ups

Becoming President isn’t just a matter of what you show America, but what you hide as well. Once inside the White House, the truth behind the Kennedy mystique  requires extensive cover-ups that threaten to undo the family forever. When confronted with political peril – from mob connections to sexual encounters with possible spies – Bobby Kennedy writes a virtual magician’s handbook on how cover-ups are done.


Episode 5

The Image

No family knows what a powerful image can do better than the Kennedy’s. They created a carefully crafted image that helped catapult them to the forefront of American politics and into the hearts of the America people. From fashion statements to Presidential mannerisms, here is how the Kennedys redefine ‘the Image’ of power and set new standards for the rich and powerful.


Episode 6

The Kennedy Fortune

Behind every Kingdom there is a fortune.  The Kennedys may be America’s most public family but when the subject turns to money their silence is deafening. Sorting out the facts from the myths, here’s how the Kennedys become one of America’s wealthiest families, how they keep it – and how that fortune fuels a dynasty.


Episode 7

Family Secrets

Every family has them.  But no family has built higher walls around their secrets than the Kennedys, who fend off relentless attacks from the media and the tabloids to protect the family’s reputation and ambitions. Their commitment to their image is so ingrained that it transcends PR and strikes deep with the Kennedy clan itself – where secrets are kept even between family members, and threats to the status quo can lead to excommunication and worse.


Episode 8

Notorious Cases

The Kennedys have gone from America’s most admired (even martyred) family to ‘presumed guilty.’ A series of hi-profile Kennedy criminal cases guarantee America will rush to judgment.  These cases reveal the double-edged sword of fame and privilege.   Justice may be blind, but these cases reveal how the very name Kennedy can be either a ‘get out of jail free card’ or a target for vendettas.


Episode 9

John F. Kennedy Jr.

John Kennedy Jr. has it all: wealth, looks, an easy charm. More than any Kennedy of his generation, he seems to wear the crown lightly – George Clooney with a political pedigree. But while he appears carefree and lighthearted in public, he always works from a carefully-written script— one that was started virtually the moment he was born. And no matter how he might try to deviate from it, in the end, he cannot escape the role that destiny and America have chosen for him to play.


Episode 10

The Legacy

Each generation of Kennedy children is born with a silver spoon, yet not everything that comes with the Kennedy Family name is easy, as the lives of the 21st Century Kennedys reveal.  Joe Kennedy built an empire and expected his family to perpetuate a legacy of wealth, public service, and political power. But is that model too old-fashioned? In the 21st Century, isn’t the price simply too high – even for the Kennedys.