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The Last Days Of

Throughout history there have been men and women who have changed the world and who have all been more controversial in death, than they were in life. In The Last Days Of we examine six giants of history, six world changing lives and six bloody and brutal deaths, to re-tell the stories that seem so familiar, but are packed with unexpected twists and turns. These are world famous stories, stripped of hindsight, showing the key turning points that propelled our characters to their deaths. Across each film a passionate cast of writers, thinkers, historians – who don’t often agree- set about exploring the downfall and legacy of our main characters. This is history as it should be, compelling, dramatic, highly contested – which makes us question everything we thought we knew about the lives and deaths of the heroes and villains that have shaped our world. Our cast of history’s A Listers includes Jesus, Caesar, Rasputin, Mary Queen of Scots, Guy Fawkes and Charles I.