The Memorial: Beyond The Anzac Legend

Join renowned historian Neil Oliver as he goes behind-the-scenes inside the Australian War Memorial. Following the events as they unfold across a year in the working life of Australia’s most iconic museum as it prepares to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the First World War.
The Australian War Memorial features an extraordinary treasure trove of the nation’s war history, and Neil Oliver has unprecedented access into the heart of its vaults. “It’s always fascinating to get behind the scenes of any museum and the Australian War Memorial is in part a museum, and museums are worlds unto themselves. They have a population, they have customs, they have rituals, there’s a structure to every day but the War Memorial is only a building, it’s the people and their active attempts to preserve and to research and to understand more about the collection that is active remembrance.They are the Memorial,” says Neil.
This landmark five-part series also features insightful interviews with Prime Minister Tony Abbott, and former Prime Ministers, Paul Keating, John Howard, Bob Hawke and Malcolm Fraser, as well Governor General Sir Peter Cosgrove, and VC recipients Mark Donaldson and Ben Robert’s Smith. Bringing to life Australia’s wartime history through the incredible stories and artefacts held within the vaults of this world renowned memorial.