The Seventies

The Seventies – Ep 1 Sneak Peek

In many ways the decade of the 1970s was just as dramatic as the 1960s.  America lost its first war, endured two energy crises, and a President resigned following an unprecedented political scandal.  Television tackled once taboo subjects.  Popular music enjoyed a multi-genre explosion, and there was a sexual revolution.  Serial murder and other violent crime kept the nation on edge, and bombing, hijacking and the taking of hostages introduced the world to the modern face of terrorism.

The Seventies examines the individuals and events that influenced and shaped a decade that had as profound an impact on America as its famous predecessor.

Episode 1

Television Gets Real

Due to a new sophistication in programming, as well as an introduction of new formats, television matures into the medium we know today.

It was in the 1970s that television matured into the medium we know today. There was a new candor to network programming as reflected in shows like MASH, The Mary Tyler Moore Show and the half-hour comedies of Norman Lear – All in the Family, Maude and The Jeffersons. New formats that would become television staples – the made-for-TV movie (Brian’s Song, Duel, That Certain Summer) the mini-­series (Rich Man Poor Man, Roots, I, Caudius) emerged. And two of the most successful franchises in television history, Monday Night Football and Saturday Night Live, were born in the Seventies. In addition, PBS as well as the cable networks, ESPN, HBO and Showtime were all launched.