The Siege of Leningrad

The Siege of Leningrad began on 8 September 1941. For 872 days the city was surrounded by the German Armed Forces. During this time the inhabitants fell into massive despair and starvation, which reached its peak in cannibalism.  The desperation didn’t begin to subside until the spring of 1942, when aid packages reached the city via Lake Ladoga, and yet, despite the protestations of the Soviet propaganda machine, it was still not possible to feed all of Leningrad’s population.

Well over a million people lost their lives due to the extreme cold winters, bombing raids, hunger and exhaustion during this period. It is a remarkable story both of heroism and mankind’s failings – one of the worst atrocities carried out by Germany during the Second World War.  The unbreakable will and suffering of the people of modern day St Petersburg remains to this day, the stuff of legend.