Western Front: The Last Survivors Tell All

Narrated by Jack ‘Living Treasure’ Thompson, Western Front: The Last Survivors Tell All commemorates the 100th anniversary of Australia’s worst battle – Fromelles – with the last ten surviving WW1 veterans revealing how 2,000 young Australians were killed in one day, in their first Western Front battle, when British Generals ordered them to charge in broad daylight across flat fields towards German machine gunners.

These brutally honest old warriors who enlisted at 16 tell horror stories about bungling and bloodshed in battles claiming 46,000 Australians lives that will make viewers weep.

Condemning failed British-led Gallipoli as “a terrible mistake”, these centenarians beg Australians to focus on Australian led victories on the Western Front which was five times greater because our soldiers won five times more battles, five times more Victoria Crosses, served there five times longer and sadly lost five times more lives.

Watch it if you dare – and you’ll never think about WW1 in the same light again!