Why Are We Here?

Today science says it has found the rules which explain everything, from particles to galaxies, from genes to our minds. But the explanation comes at a cost, for the rules, some scientists say, have no meaning. There is no question, they say, of asking why, no room for purpose or moral certainty.

But is this really true? Is this what we must accept? Could we really be creatures made to see and seek meaning in a universe where none exists? Or are there, even within science itself, clues that might give us back a sense of meaning and purpose?

In this series Oxford Physics Professor Ard Louis is joined by distinguished science documentary film maker and presenter David Malone. They travel to India, Senegal and the United States to meet some of the world’s best physicists, mathematicians, philosophers, neuroscientists and biologists to discuss and debate questions about meaning and the nature of the universe.