The Pacific: Sam’s Diary

In The Pacific, Sam Neill crosses the length and breadth of the largest ocean in the world to experience for himself a contemporary journey in Captain Cook’s footsteps.

In video diary entries made while shooting the series, Sam shares his thoughts on the Pacific Ocean and Cook’s legacy.

This is the centre of the world

Sam explains the complexity of his family background and his own connection to the Pacific Ocean.


The plain facts

Sam confronts the truth about Cook’s affect on the people and places he visited while traversing the Pacific Ocean.


Do I like Cook?

Sam ponders the question of whether Captain Cook, a remarkable navigator and controversial explorer, is a likeable figure.


The most beautiful place

Sam casts his vote for the the most beautiful place he’s ever been to.


Scourge of the Sailor

Sam considers the hardships faced by Captain Cook and his crew.


Both sides of the beach

Sam reveals the most important part of his journey making The Pacific.