March 09

This Day in History


China’s last emperor becomes regent of Manchukuo

Henry Pu Yi, who reigned as the last emperor of China from 1908 to 1912, becomes regent of the Japanese controlled-state of Manchukuo. Enthroned as the emperor Hsüan-T'ung at the age of three, he was … (more...)


Mary Queen of Scots’ Alleged Lover Murdered

On this day in 1566, David Riccio, secretary to Mary, Queen of Scots, was dragged from her presence by armed men and murdered in cold blood. Present at this brutal killing was Mary’s husband Lord D … (more...)


Naples Bans Kissing

On this day in 1562, kissing in public was banned and punishable by death in Naples, Italy. Throughout history, controlling sex and obscenity, and occasionally containing disease, have made for … (more...)