March 10

This Day in History


Firebombing of Tokyo

The most devastating air raid of the entire Second World War occurred in the firebombing of Tokyo on the night of 9-10 March 1945 with the resulting death toll greater than those of the raids on … (more...)


China "Ends" Slavery

On this day in 1910, a law formally ending slavery in China came into action. The law, passed in 1906, stipulated that the status of all adult slaves was converted to that hired labourer, and that … (more...)


Galapagos Islands Discovered, Deemed Worthless

After his ship drifted off course on a journey from Panama to Peru, Bishop Tomas de Berlanga of Panama discovered the "worthless" Galápagos Islands entirely by accident, on this day in 1535. On 23 … (more...)