March 20

This Day in History


Nerve gas attack on Tokyo subway

At the height of morning rush hour, terrorists from the Aum Shinrikyo religious cult converge at the Kasumigaseki subway station in Tokyo and release lethal sarin gas into the air. The terrorists then … (more...)


"Extinct" Volcano Erupts in Kamchatka

On this day in 1956, Mount Bezymianny, a volcano considered to be extinct, unleashed its most destructive explosion in Russia’s Kamchatka Peninsula. According to some, it is considered the largest s … (more...)


The Ambitious Thomas Seymour Is Beheaded

On this day in 1549, the English nobleman and politician Thomas Seymour was executed for his part in a treasonous plot to kidnap the King of England and bring power into his own hands. Envious of the … (more...)