March 22

This Day in History


Composer Andrew Lloyd Webber Is Born

On this day in 1948, Andrew Lloyd Webber, one of the most prolific and popular composers of his generation, was born. The British composer went on to write the award-winning music for hit shows like … (more...)


Arab League formed

Representatives from Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Transjordan, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, and Yemen meet in Cairo to establish the Arab League, a regional organization of Arab states. Formed to foster economic … (more...)


Emerald Buddha Completes Century-Long Journey

Following several lifetimes of itinerant globetrotting, the palladium of the Kingdom of Thailand, the Emerald Buddha, is finally returned to its intended location in Wat Phra Kaew, Thailand, on this … (more...)


Pope Persecutes Knights Templar to Appease France

On this day in 1312, under pressure from King Philip IV of France, Pope Clement V issued a Papal decree that officially disbanded the Poor Fellow-Soldiers of Christ and of the Temple of Solomon, known … (more...)