March 23

This Day in History


Two Electrochemists Claim to Produce Cold Fusion

On this day in 1989, two electrochemists announce they have produced energy through a cold fusion reaction, opening the way for almost limitless production of cheap, clean energy. The claim is later … (more...)


First artificial-heart patient dies

American Barney B. Clark, the first recipient of an artificial heart, dies on this day. The Jarvick 7, an artificial heart made of polyurethane and aluminum, was designed by Dr. Robert Jarvick after … (more...)


The First Corned Beef Sandwich in Space

A simple corn beef sandwich, reportedly containing no mustard or pickles, played a unique role in the US Space Program, resulting in a high-level investigation by the US House of Representatives and … (more...)


Indian Freedom Fighters Executed

On this day in 1931, Indian freedom fighters Bhagat Singh, Shivaram Rajguru, and Sukhdev Thapar are hanged by the British Raj for murder during the Indian struggle for independence. Singh, Rajguru, … (more...)


Battle of Topáter Begins War of the Pacific

On this day in 1879, Chile and Bolivia fought along the banks of the Topáter River near the Bolivian-held town of Calama, now part of modern Chile. The battle was the first of many in the War of the … (more...)