March 27

This Day in History


Pirate Radio Caroline Begins Test Broadcasts

On this day in 1964, on the good ship MV Caroline, anchored three miles offshore from Felixstowe on the British coast, Radio Caroline emitted its first-ever test broadcasts. It was Good Friday and the … (more...)


Khrushchev is Soviet premier

On March 27, 1958, Soviet First Secretary Nikita Khrushchev replaces Nicolay Bulganin as Soviet premier, becoming undisputed leader of the USSR's party and state. In 1953, Joseph Stalin died and … (more...)


One Word: Plastics

On this day in 1933, polyethylene was discovered–by accident–by British scientists Reginald Gibson and Eric William Fawcett. It is one of the first plastics to come into common use. Familiar to lay … (more...)