March 31

This Day in History


Small Pox Scabs Found in Library

On this day in 2003, New Mexico librarian Susanne Caro opened an 1888 book on Civil War medicine and discovered a startling memento: an envelope of century-old smallpox scabs. The 23-year-old … (more...)


The Big Bang – Halting Nuclear Testing During the Cold War

During the mid 1950’s there was an alarming escalation in the testing of nuclear weapons, mostly by the two superpowers, the USA and the Soviet Union, although the United Kingdom was also … (more...)


Eiffel Tower opens

On this day, the Eiffel Tower is unveiled in Paris. When French engineer Alexander Gustave Eiffel proposed building a tower out of open-lattice wrought iron for the Paris Exhibition of 1889, few took … (more...)


Father of Modern Philosophy Born

On this day in 1596, the celebrated philosopher, scholar, and mathematician René Descartes was born. For his pioneering ideas, and breaking the hegemony of Aristotelian philosophical tradition, he is … (more...)