April 09

This Day in History


Bolivian National Revolution

On this day in 1952, Hugo Ballivian’s government was overthrown by the Bolivian National Revolution, kicking off a period of agrarian reform, universal suffrage, and the nationalisation of the tin … (more...)


La Violencia Begins

On this day in 1948, populist Columbian presidential candidate Jorge Elicier Gaitan was assassinated in Bogota, sparking a violent riot called the Bogotazo, and setting off a ten-year period of … (more...)


Germany invades Norway

During World War II, Nazi Germany invades neutral Norway, surprising the Norwegian and British defenders of the country and capturing several strategic points along the Norwegian coast. During the … (more...)


Architect Extraordinaire – The Jørn Utzon Story

Without doubt one of the most famous architects of modern times, Jørn Oberg Utzon was born in Copenhagen, Denmark on 9 April 1918, eventually carving out a legendary career in architecture matched by … (more...)


Manichaeism Is Born

Mani (also known as Manes and Manichaeus) was an Iranian prophet and preacher in the 3rd century AD, and the founder of the Manichaean religion. He was born on 14 April 216 in Southern Babylonia and, … (more...)