April 16

This Day in History


Odysseus Returns Home From Trojan War

On this day in 1178 BC, a solar eclipse is said to have occurred over the Ionian Sea off the coast of present day Greece, not long after the fall of Troy as described in the works of Homer. In 2008, … (more...)


First Recorded Battle

On this day in 1457 BCE, the Egyptians defeated a Canaanite coalition to establish dominance over Judea in the Battle of Megiddo. It is considered the first battle recorded in detail, the first with a … (more...)


Isaac Newton Is Knighted

On this day in 1705, Isaac Newton was knighted by England’s Queen Anne. Sir, as he was henceforth known, Isaac Newton was born in the hamlet of Woolsthorpe, Lincolnshire in 1642. He was admitted to T … (more...)


Wilbur Wright

The 16th April 2017 is the 150th anniversary of the birth of Wilbur Wright, one half of the famous Wright Brothers, who between them launched humanity into the era of modern aviation. They were … (more...)


Lenin returns

On this day, Vladimir Lenin returns to Russia to take the reins of the Russian Revolution. Although exiled to Siberia and Europe because of his revolutionary activities, Vladimir Lenin, still managed … (more...)