April 24

This Day in History



On 25 April every year, Australians commemorate ANZAC Day. ANZAC Day commemorates the landing of Australian and New Zealand troops at Gallipoli on 25 April 1915. The date, 25 April, was officially … (more...)


Easter Rebellion in Ireland

In Dublin, Irish nationalists led by Patrick Pearse launch the Easter Rebellion against British rule. The nationalists attacked British provincial government headquarters across the Irish capital … (more...)


Armenian Genocide Begins

This day in 1915, known as Red Sunday, is regarded as the starting point of the Armenian Genocide. The genocide was a series of massacres and deportations of Armenian citizens living in the Ottoman … (more...)


Female Pharoah Rules Egypt

On this day in 1479, a young Thutmose III ascended to the throne of Egypt with his aunt and stepmother Hatshepsut as co-regent. Due to her stepson’s young age, Hatshepsut effectively rules ancient E … (more...)