May 01

This Day in History


Mallory’s Body Discovered on Everest After 75 Years

On this day in 1999, 75 years after he vanished on the treacherous slopes of Mount Everest, the body of renowned mountaineer George Mallory was discovered. To this day, it remains a mystery whether he … (more...)


Last Somoza President

On this day in 1967, Anastasio “Tachito” Somoza Debayle became president of Nicaragua, continuing an era of nepotism, corruption, and suppression begun by his father Anastasio Somoza Garcia in 1937. So … (more...)


100th Anniversary of the Abbeville Conference

    Relations between the United States and Germany during the First World War steadily worsened as the conflict progressed, with Germany’s submarine warfare, directed against m … (more...)


Great Exhibition opens

On May 1, 1851, the Great Exhibition opens to wide acclaim in the Crystal Palace in London. Inside the Crystal Palace, a giant glass-and-iron hall designed by Sir Joseph Paxton, over 10,000 exhibitors … (more...)