May 11

This Day in History


Deep Blue beats Kasparov

On May 11, 1997, IBM's supercomputer Deep Blue makes chess history by defeating Gary Kasparov, the chess champion widely regarded as the greatest who has ever lived. The Russian master conceded defeat … (more...)


100th Anniversary of the birth of Richard Feynman

11 May 1918 was the birthday of Richard Feynman - one of the leading physicists of the 20th Century – whose work in physics, and the public communication of his ideas, was to have a massive impact on s … (more...)


Lion-Tiger Hybrid Created

Towards the end of 1900, Carl Hagenbeck, the noted German zoologist and animal trainer, wrote to his Scottish counterpart James Ewart, advising him that he had successfully bred a lion-tiger hybrid. … (more...)


Birth of ‘Siamese Twins’ Chang and Eng Bunker

One of the more extraordinary events of modern history began on 11 May 1811, when conjoined twin brothers Chang and Eng were born near Bangkok to parents with Chinese, Thai and Malay heritage. The … (more...)


Beethoven Hides in Basement During Siege of Vienna

On this day in 1809, eager to protect his precious hearing during the heavy bombardment of the Siege of Vienna, composer Ludwig von Beethoven hid in his brother’s basement with pillows covering his e … (more...)