May 17

This Day in History


Kabila’s Troops March Into Kinshasa

On this day in 1997, troops of General Laurent Kabila marched into Kinshasa and Zaire was officially renamed the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The name was not new. Before it was Zaire, the … (more...)


Heyerdahl sails papyrus boat

The Ra II, a papyrus sailing vessel constructed by Norwegian anthropologist Thor Heyerdahl, sets sail across the Atlantic on this day. In 1969, a replica of an ancient Egyptian vessel was constructed … (more...)


Antikythera Mechanism Discovered

On this day in 1902, new light was shed on the ingenuity and advancements of ancient Greek civilisation with the discovery of the Antikythera Mechanism, an ancient calculating machine. It had lain at … (more...)