July 07

This Day in History


Roswell UFO Incident – 71st Anniversary

The Roswell Incident, New Mexico, USA. A UFO apparently crash-landed on a ranch, and debris with strange markings and unusual properties was found. The U.S. Air Force claimed it was just a weather … (more...)


United States occupies Iceland

The neutral United States moves closer to war with Germany when U.S. forces land on Iceland to take over its garrisoning from the British. With Iceland and its nearby sea routes under U.S. protection, … (more...)


Revolutionary Philippine Brotherhood Established

On this day in 1892 the Katipunan, or Revolutionary Philippine Brotherhood, was established, bringing about the Philippine Revolution and eventually contributing to the fall of the Spanish Empire in … (more...)


First Comic Fuels Political Feud

On this day in 1802, The Wasp, considered to be the first comic book, was published. Through the years, comics have often concealed political allegory and rhetoric, and thus it is not surprising … (more...)