July 11

This Day in History


Teenage Barefoot Bandit Caught

On this day in 2010, after an audacious two-year crime spree, Colton Harris-Moore—popularly known as the Barefoot Bandit—was caught and arrested by police in Harbour Island in the Bahamas. Armed … (more...)


Mikimoto Creates First Cultured Pearls

On this day in 1893, Japanese entrepreneur Mikimoto Kokichi created the world's first cultured pearl, giving rise to the pearl industry and the luxury pearl company Mikimoto. Born in 1858 in Shima … (more...)


Skylab crashes into Australia

After breaking up in the atmosphere, the American space station Skylab comes crashing down on Australia and into the Indian Ocean five years after its last manned mission ended. No one was … (more...)


John Quincy Adams – An Extraordinary Man

On 11 July 1767 John Quincy Adams was born. He was born into an influential and politically powerful Boston family, and was expected by many, even in his early days, to achieve high office. These … (more...)