July 12

This Day in History


A new Aga Khan

The Ismaili sect of the Shi'ite Muslims welcomes a new spiritual leader when Prince Karim Al-hussain of Pakistan is proclaimed Aga Khan IV. Prince Karim’s grandfather, Aga Khan III, died the previous d … (more...)


"Nuremberg Chronicle" Is Published

On this day in 1493 German physician, humanist, and historian Hartmann Schedel published the Nuremberg Chronicle. It is one of the best-documented early printed books. Hartman Schedel was a native … (more...)


Æthelstan Unites England and Scotland

On this day in 927, Constantine signed a decree that accepted the primacy of the Anglo-Saxon king, Æthelstan. This was the first occasion which England and Scotland shared a ruler and comprised a … (more...)