July 17

This Day in History


Superpowers meet in space

On July 17, 1975, as part of a project aimed at developing space rescue capability, the U.S. spacecraft Apollo and the Soviet spacecraft Soyuz 19 rendezvous and dock in space. As the hatch was opened … (more...)


Leakeys Discover Zinjanthropus Boisei Skull

Louis and Mary Leakey were a prominent husband and wife duo whose work in the field of paleoanthropology became well known due to an amazing array of discoveries and the considerable controversy that … (more...)


The End of the Romanovs – Tsar Nicholas II Murdered

The infamous murder of Tsar Nicholas II and his family on 17 July 1918 was a watershed event that ended the rule of the Russian Imperial Romanov family and changed the entire course of Russian … (more...)


Anniversary of the Execution of Tsar Nicholas II and his Family – Saints or Sinners?

 Saints or Sinners? Tsar Nicholas II, his family and their last servants are Saints in the Russian Orthodox Church. This elevation to near divine all starts back in July 1918 with a very brutal act … (more...)