August 01

This Day in History


WSJ Exposes "I, Libertine" Hoax

After bamboozling thousands of bibliophiles and booksellers with a grand hoax that involved fabricating a novel and its author, and instructing hoax participants to request that book at bookstores … (more...)


The Nazi Olympics of Berlin in 1936

The Games of the XI Olympiad, opened in Berlin on 1 August 1936, was an extravaganza, with the Chancellor of Germany, Adolf Hitler, sparing no expense to produce the biggest and best Olympic Games in … (more...)


The Great War Erupts

World War I begins with Germany's invasion of Luxembourg. The same day, Germany and Russia declare war against each other, and France mobilizes. At the end of July, Europe's tenuous peace collapsed … (more...)


Botanist and Early Evolutionist Jean-Baptiste Lamarck Born

On this day in 1744, botanist and early evolutionist Jean-Baptiste Pierre Antoine de Monet was born. Chevalier de la Marck—or, to use his shortened name, Lamarck—was a French soldier turned scientist w … (more...)