August 02

This Day in History


Writer Isabel Allende Is Born

On this day in 1942, Chilean-American author and journalist Isabel Allende was born. Allende, who is best known for novels The House of Spirits and City of the Beasts, is often considered the world's … (more...)


Hitler Becomes Führer

Chancellor Adolf Hitler becomes sole leader of Germany upon the death of President Paul von Hindenburg. The German army swore allegiance to the Führer, who planned the rearmament of Germany and vast … (more...)


The Death of Telephone Inventor Alexander Graham Bell

One of the most significant scientific inventions of all time – the telephone - was the result of extensive endeavour by several individuals during the 19th century. Although it is difficult to p … (more...)


The Other Inventor of the Telephone

On this day in 1835, Elisha Gray, the man who would have gone down in history as the inventor of the telephone had Alexander Graham Bell not run to the patent office moments before, was born. An … (more...)