August 08

This Day in History


"8888 Uprising" Occurs in Burma

On this day in 1988, nationwide pro-democracy protests erupted against General Ne Win's Burma Socialist Programme Party, beginning a period of demonstrations, demands for democracy, unrest, and severe … (more...)


Nixon Resigns

On August 8, 1974, in a nationally televised address, U.S. President Richard Nixon announces his intention to resign effective noon the next day. With impeachment certain for his involvement in the … (more...)


Mining for Riches: A Brief History of Gold Rushes in Australia

The discovery of gold in Australia had commenced in the early years of the 19th century in both New South Wales and Victoria but this news had been at least partially suppressed by the various … (more...)


Uraniborg Observatory’s Cornerstone Laid

On 8 August 1576, the cornerstone was laid at the Uraniborg Observatory, one of the most important venues for planetary observation built during the Renaissance. The observatory was the brainchild of … (more...)