August 11

This Day in History


Fastest Plane Ever Blasts Off, Then Is Lost

On this day in 2011, the Falcon Hypersonic Technology Vehicle, the fastest plane ever built, blasted off from California's Vandenberg Air Force Base. After hurling through space at 21,000 kilometres … (more...)


Hussein Succeeds to Jordanian Throne

Prince Hussein is proclaimed the king of Jordan after his father, King Talal, is declared unfit to rule by the Jordanian Parliament on grounds of mental illness. Hussein was formally crowned on … (more...)


Enid Blyton is Born: Children’s Author Extraordinaire

Enid Blyton, one of the most beloved, yet controversial children’s authors of all time, was born in London on 11 August 1897. She showed a strong literary bent in her school years with her emerging … (more...)


Rodrigo Borgia Becomes Pope

Roderic Llancol i de Borja of Aragon—better known by his Italianised name Rodrigo Borgia—was elected Pope on this day in 1492, and remained until his death on 18 August 1503. He assumed the name Pope … (more...)