September 02

This Day in History


The Internet Took Its First Breath

On 2 September 1969, on a refrigerator-sized mainframe computer in a third-floor storage space at UCLA, the internet took its first breath. The US government was funding scientific research in … (more...)


Japan Surrenders

On September 2, 1945, aboard the USS Missouri in Tokyo Bay, World War II officially ends when Japanese officials surrender on behalf of their country. A mass of news correspondents jammed the decks … (more...)


Mahdists Defeated at the Battle of Omdurman

On this day in 1898 near Omdurman, Sudan, the formidable Madhist army led by the Khalifa Abdullah Ibn-Mohammed was forcefully defeated by British, Egyptian, and Sudanese troops led by Sir Horatio … (more...)


The Great Fire of London Begins

A City Ablaze The Great Fire of London was a massive blaze that raged uncontrolled across the City of London over four-days, consuming thousands of houses and many public buildings, including the … (more...)