September 05

This Day in History


Battle of the Marne Begins

On this day in World War I, the French attack advancing Germans northeast of Paris, and the Battle of the Marne begins. After the outbreak of hostilities in Europe in August 1914, Germany took the … (more...)


Two Aeronauts Break World Record for Altitude in a Balloon

On 5 September 1862, James Glaisher and Dr. Henry Tracey Coxwell ascended in a hot air balloon to an estimated 11,000 metres above sea-level in what was at the time the greatest altitude in a manned … (more...)


Beards Gets Taxed

As part of a set of sweeping reforms designed to modernise his empire, Tsar Peter I of Russia implemented a tax on beards on this day in 1698. Peter had just returned from a grand tour of Western … (more...)