September 08

This Day in History


Frozen, Mummified "Ice Maiden" Discovered

On this day in 1995, anthropologist Dr. Johan Reinhard discovered the well-preserved frozen mummy of a sacrificed 15th-century Inca girl known as the Ice Maiden. The mummy was found on Mount Ampato, … (more...)


"Star Trek" Series Premieres on NBC

Embarking on a mission to "boldly go where no man has gone before," NBC introduced America to the crew of the USS Enterprise with the premiere of Star Trek on this day in 1966. Created by Gene … (more...)


Terror From the Skies – The V2 Rockets Strike London

With England still reeling from the random attacks of the V-1 “Flying Bomb” that had rained death and destruction across London from June to October 1944, an even more terrible weapon made its debut on … (more...)


Siege of Leningrad Begins

Nazi Germany's siege of Leningrad begins with the encirclement of the Soviet city on September 8, 1941. It lasted slightly less than 900 days. As food and fuel ran out, some citizens were forced to … (more...)