September 23

This Day in History


Dame Roma Mitchell – One of the most influential women in Australian history

Dame Roma Mitchell (1913 - 2000) was a distinguished academic and lawyer and is considered as one of the great pioneers of the women’s rights movement in Australia. She showed an early interest in l … (more...)


Chagall’s Ceiling Unveiled

The Paris Opéra unveils a stunning new ceiling painted as a gift by Belorussian-born artist Marc Chagall, who spent much of his life in France. Chagall's Russian soul and Jewish heritage stirred his … (more...)


Gaming Giant Nintendo Is Founded

On this day in 1889, Fusajiro Yamauchi founded Nintendo Koppai, a company producing and marketing "Hanafuda" playing cards in Kyoto, Japan. Western-style playing cards were originally introduced to … (more...)


First Planet Discovered Using Math

On this day in 1846, Neptune was officially discovered. Neptune–the eighth and, since the reclassification of Pluto, farthest planet from the Sun in our Solar System–is a blue planet that takes its nam … (more...)