October 01

This Day in History


Death of A Zeppelin – The L-31 is shot down

The Germans had begun using aerial bombing using zeppelins from the early days of the war with London becoming a target from May 1915. The population of England detested the concept of random bombing … (more...)


Ford Model T Goes On Sale

On October 1, 1908, the Ford Model T automobile is introduced to the American market. Henry Ford and his engineers struggled for five years to produce a reliable, inexpensive car for the mass market. … (more...)


Pianist Vladimir Horowitz Is Born

On this day in 1903, the eccentric and legendary piano virtuoso Vladimir Horowitz was born in Kiev. Described as a "demon barely under control out there on stage," Horowitz's eccentric and singular … (more...)


"Jekyll and Hyde" Hanged on His Own Gallows

On this day in 1788, Deacon William Brodie, Scottish cabinet-maker by day, thief by night, was hanged on a gallows he himself designed and funded. Brodie's double life and cunning deception became the … (more...)


Alexander the Great and the Battle of Gaugamela

On this day in 331 BCE, the bloody Battle of Gaugamela took place. The battle pitted the army of Alexander the Great against the larger forces of Darius III of Persia, and would ultimately decide the … (more...)