October 09

This Day in History


Oskar Schindler Dies

German businessman Oskar Schindler, credited with saving 1,200 Jews from the Holocaust, dies at the age of 66. A member of the Nazi party, he ran an enamel works factory in Kraków, Poland, employing … (more...)


Kepler’s Nova Is First sighted

On this day in 1604, Kepler’s Supernova was first sighted in the Milky Way, the last supernova to have been unquestionably sighted in our galaxy to this day. A supernova is a star that suddenly b … (more...)


Erikson Discovers North America

Nearly 500 years before Christopher Columbus discovered North America, another great European explorer, Leif Erikson, discovered it around the year 1000, and is widely considered the first European to … (more...)