October 13

This Day in History


Plane Crashes in Andes, Survivors Battle Nature

On 13 October 1972, a Fairchild FH-277 flying from Montevideo, Uruguay to Santiago, Chile crashed high in the Andean mountains, instantly killing 12 of the 50 passengers and crew aboard. Of the … (more...)


Italy Declares War on Germany

One month after the surrender of the Italian army, Prime Minister Pietro Badoglio declares war on Germany, Italy's former Axis partner. Much of Italian territory, however, was still in German hands, … (more...)


Hebrew Language to Be Revived

On this day in 1881, a decision was made in an ordinary Jewish home that would prove instrumental in the revival of the Hebrew language. When the intellectual activist Eliezer Ben-Yehuda stipulated … (more...)


Friday 13 – The Arrests of the Knights Templar

Friday 13 is considered an unlucky day in the Western World with various reasons suggested for this belief. One of these is the amazing story of a Western Christian Military order called the Knights … (more...)