October 29

This Day in History


Trial of Notorious Art Forger Begins

"This day in 1947 saw the opening in Amsterdam of the trial of the art forger Han van Meegeren. Van Meegeren is considered one of the most accomplished art forgers in history, fooling art collectors … (more...)


U.S. Stock Market Crashes

An unstable world economy reaches its breaking point as investors on Wall Street trade 16 million shares on the New York Stock Exchange in a single day. Billions of dollars were lost, and the stock … (more...)


Man of Iron – the Ned Kelly Story

Australia’s most famous bushranger, Ned Kelly, was sentenced to death on 29 October 1880, ending a long saga of lawlessness and murder that held much of Australia spellbound across the previous two y … (more...)

539 BCE

First Declaration of Human Rights

On this day in 539 BCE, Cyrus the Great, king of Persia, declared what is believed to be the first charter of human rights in the world. Cyrus the Great, also known as Cyrus II and Cyrus the … (more...)