November 07

This Day in History


Country Becomes First to Abolish Its Own Military

"On this day in 1949, President Jose ""Don Pepe"" Figueres Ferrer abolished the military of Costa Rica, making it the first country in the world to abolish its military. The decision to abolish … (more...)


Bolshevik Coup in Russia

Vladimir Lenin seizes power from the czarist regime in a stunning coup d'etat. Widespread starvation and catastrophic military failure in World War I left Russia ripe for revolt. Czar Nicholas II was … (more...)


A Friend of the Romanovs – the Pierre Gilliard story

On 7th November 1917 one of histories turning points occurred when Bolshevik leader Vladimir Lenin led a revolution against the provisional Government of Russia – the culmination of an extended period … (more...)


Oldest-Known Meteorite Impact Fuels War

"On this day in 1492, an enormous meteorite descended from the sky and landed in a wheat field near Ensisheim in Alsace, now part of France. This 250-pound ""firestone,"" as it was called, is one of … (more...)