November 13

This Day in History


Eruption Kills 70% of Town’s Inhabitants

"On this day in 1985, after lying dormant for almost 70 years, the Nevado del Ruiz, an active volcano 110 miles southwest of the Colombian capital Bogot√°, erupted, with devastating consequences. Over … (more...)


Typhoon Ravages Bangladesh

Colossal tidal waves and storm surges strike the shores of the Ganges Delta, wreaking lethal damage on the people of East Pakistan. A 120-mile-per-hour cyclone spurred deadly tidal waves that washed … (more...)


Augustine Born, Influences Christianity

"On this day in 354, Roman bishop and theologian Saint Augustine, one of the most important figures in the ancient Western church, was born. Augustine, who would become a powerful advocate for … (more...)