November 16

This Day in History


A $115,000 Lock of Hair Is Sold

On this day in 2002, a collector paid a record US$115,000 for a lock of Elvis Presley's hair. The King of Rock and Roll's hair had been kept in a jar by his former barber and was auctioned … (more...)


U.S. Army on Trial

U.S. Army Lieutenant William Calley Jr. faces court martial for directing his platoon in the March 1968 massacre of 102 unarmed peasants in My Lai, South Vietnam. The Army hoped to conduct Calley's … (more...)


Woman Becomes One of World’s Most Powerful Pirates

"On this day in 1807, the notorious Chinese pirate Zheng Yi died, making his widow Zheng Yi Sao one of the most successful female pirates ever to lead a powerful pirate fleet. Born in 1785, Zheng … (more...)