November 25

This Day in History


Mishima Commits Ritual Suicide

World-renowned Japanese writer Yukio Mishima commits suicide after failing to win public support for his often extreme political beliefs. Born in 1925, Mishima was obsessed with what he saw as the … (more...)


Death of "the Butterflies" Gives Birth to a Revolution

"On this day in 1960, the Mirabal sisters, three courageous Dominican political dissidents, were brutally assassinated for their opposition to the despotic dictatorship of Rafael Trujillo. … (more...)


"White Ship" Sinks, Killing Heir to King of England

On the night of 25 November 1120, the White Ship, carrying the heir to the English throne and hundreds of England and Normandy's most powerful knights and noblewomen, hit rocks near the coast of … (more...)