December 04

This Day in History


Giant Squid First Caught on Film

"On this day in 2006, Japanese scientists successfully filmed the elusive giant squid on video for the first time in history. Very little is known about these enormous tentacled creatures and the … (more...)


Bush Orders U.S. Troops to Somalia

U.S. President George Bush orders 25,000 U.S. troops into Somalia. In late 1992, civil war, drought, and clan-based fighting created famine conditions that threatened one-fourth of Somalia's … (more...)


The Great Smog Descends on London

On Thursday, 4 December 1952, London was plunged into semi-darkness as a dense smog of epic proportions blanketed the British capital. Over a four-day period the noxious smog stifled London, and … (more...)


The "Mary Celeste" Is Found Deserted

"On this day in 1872, at around one o’ clock in the afternoon, the American merchant ship the Mary Celeste was discovered drifting off the coast of Portugal, cargo intact and sails set, but unmanned … (more...)