December 15

This Day in History


Walt Disney

Walt Disney, the enigmatic and creative genius of many talents, died on 15 December 1966, following an illustrious career that amongst many other things revolutionised the animation industry across … (more...)


Canada Adopts Its Own Flag

"On this day in 1964, after a bitter dispute that divided the legislature, Canada’s House of Commons approved a design for a new national flag, unifying the country for the first time behind a wholly C … (more...)


Basketball Invented

Canadian James E. Naismith nails two peach baskets to opposite ends of a gymnasium balcony, draws up some simple rules, and creates the sport of basketball. In 1891, the staff of the International … (more...)


Rossini to Write Iconic "The Barber of Seville"

"On this day in 1815, Gioacchino Rossini was commissioned to compose an opera that would have to be written, casted, and ready for the stage in two months. Despite the timeframe and a number of … (more...)