December 16

This Day in History


Source of the Amazon River Discovered

"On this day in 2000, an expedition led by the National Geographic Society pinpointed the source of the Amazon River as a sheet of water falling from a high cliff in the snowcapped Andes. The newly … (more...)


"Pokemon" Causes Seizures Throughout Japan

"On this day in 1997, at about 6:51 in the evening, a children’s cartoon show with bright, flashing lights caused mass hysteria in Japan, sending hundreds of viewers across the country to hospitals … (more...)


Battle of the Bulge Begins

Nazi leader Adolf Hitler orders a surprise attack on the Allied forces closing in along the Western Front. The German counteroffensive out of the densely wooded Ardennes region took the Allies by … (more...)


Anthropologist Margaret Mead Born

"On 16 December 1901, Margaret Mead, who would go on to become one of the most influential anthropologists of the 20th century, was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Her studies of cultures in New … (more...)