December 28

This Day in History


First Movie Star Dies

"On this day in 1938, Florence Lawrence, a Canadian silent film actress known as the world's first movie star, died. Born Florence Annie Bridgwood in Hamilton, Ontario, the Canadian actress grew … (more...)


Motion Pictures Shown

French film pioneers Auguste and Louis Lumière publicly unveil their Cinématographe at the Grand Café on the boulevard des Capucines in Paris. About 30 people paid to see short films showing scenes … (more...)


Jolly Accidentally Discovers Dry Cleaning

"On this day in 1849, a tailor named Jean Baptiste Jolly upturned a lamp containing turpentine onto his tablecloth and, taking notice of the cleaning effect it had, discovered dry cleaning–or so the … (more...)


Madame de Pompadour Is Born

"On this day in 1721, Madame de Pompadour, a member of the French court and the maitresse-en-titre, or official chief mistress of King Louis XV, was born. Born Jeanne Antoinette Poisson, Pompadour … (more...)