First Cabinet meeting in Canberra

Today marks the day when the first Cabinet meeting was held in Australia’s capital city, Canberra at the Yarralumla House.

The meeting was conducted by Acting Prime Minister Dr. Earle Page on behalf of then Prime Minister Stanley Bruce.

Among matters discussed during this historic meeting included a review of regulations surrounding land allotments. This included how federal land was to be disposed, the period surrounding leases as well as the time period surrounding the appraisment of rentals.

The Cabinet is the key-decision making body of the Australian government and as such, all meetings are confidential in the interest of national security. Cabinet records were also released after a period of 30 years until 2010, after which it was decided that records would be gradually phased to be released after 20 years.

Today, Cabinet meetings in Australia are generally held within the Cabinet Room of the newer Parliament House (opened in 1988), often on a weekly basis.